Living in the moment: Wisconsin actress Alexys Destiche talks about her aspirations

            How Racine, WI native Alexys Destiche defines the mindset of up-and-coming actresses: “I want to be a part of it, not just an extra. As an extra you have nothing to show for it. No one is going to notice you as an extra trying to be the next Meryl Streep.”

            Star of the short film A Dubious Night (2015, Nelson Oliveras), Destiche builds herself through short films to generate a successful move into television. “With TV, you get so connected to characters, and filming episodes is like filming quick mini-movies. That’s why I like it in Chicago; it’s quick to find something. The same cannot be said at all for Wisconsin. Chicago is the closest to me in the ‘holy trinity’ of film and media cities [New York and Los Angeles being the other two], and it is known for grabbing talent straight from the street, which can be both a pro and a con.”

            When it comes to genre, Destiche’s decision is a no-brainer for her. “I want to try everything,” Destiche continues. “I’ve never done TV, so that’s part of the reason it appeals to me. I love comedy, but I’ve never really gotten my chance for it because I get auditioned for dramas.” When it comes to her goal of TV, Destiche aims for sketch comedy on a show such as Saturday Night Live. To monitor herself, Destiche has gone back to ask previous bosses why exactly they hired her. “They said they enjoyed me. I’m great at talking to people, in fact, when I was waitressing, I’d often try different dialects, like British, and then switch them according to tables. Then it would be a game of remembering which tables I had been trying out a dialect with. That said, especially as a waitress or bartender, you get to witness so many different emotions. It helps.”

            Destiche worked as an intern for two months at Paskal Rudnicke Casting, driving down to Chicago everyday. While the majority of it was basic intern work, it remained a required internship [requested by high school] while her classmates were staying in Racine. A second internship followed a few years after high school, where Destiche found herself back in Chicago as an extras coordinator on the show Chicago PD

 alexys desitche

            When it comes to inspirations, Destiche cites Eliza Dushku (True Lies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as “a badass”. Desitche goes on to state Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003) as one of her favorite TV shows. “I’m charmed with it, coming from the late 90’s.” With regards to the rise of cable TV over feature film, Destiche said that “it’s sad. I don’t want it to be true, but Hollywood’s dead. Everyone is watching Netflix because it’s convenient. It’s a give and take. TV is steady, but a lot of the glory goes to film when it comes to award shows like the Oscars. Nothing is as prestigious as them.”

            As one can imagine, extra work, commercials, and short films go hand-in-hand with side modeling jobs. While Destiche had gotten her start in the performing arts with modeling through her brother, a New York based model, Destiche admits “I didn’t like it. I liked commercials. I’m not a typical beauty person. I have my doubts. In school I did stage acting and hated it. I admire people who can do it, because theater is so much more about perfection – you have to be in perfect positions with every rehearsal. Film for me feels more genuine and original; I love how quick it is.”  Based on the atmosphere of who an actor is around, Destiche states herself as “very in-the-moment. I go from method, living and performing as much in the present as I can. Just be aware of what’s around you. I like acting because I never have to be myself.”

            On A Dubious Night, Destiche said that her part was originally written for someone else, but “when things fell through, I was brought to set to do a read-through. We only did two rehearsals, compared to the many you do in theater. My character was clean-cut, like Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) from Grease (1978). The entire movie is about gossiping – we have all of these characters who aren’t friends, but acquaintances, and we slowly learn why they’re talking behind each other’s backs.” Destiche continued saying what was most interesting was that “the film is Wisconsin based, yet no one thinks we can do anything. I would love to work with Nelson again [the director]. He’s so enthusiastic and you need that on a film set.”

            “I know I’m at that age where finding a role is difficult,” Destiche concluded. “It’s that time where you can’t find your niche, so it’s difficult. I don’t care about money – sure you need it, but my main goal is not centered on how much money I will make. I live in the moment and that’s always worked for me.”

            A Dubious Night has been screened near Milwaukee at a short film festival. For more information on the dramatic short film and Alexys, check out the links below that lead to both the film and Desitche’s IMDb page, as well as A Dubious Night’s Facebook page.

A Dubious Night's official poster

A Dubious Night ‘s official poster

Alexys Destiche’s IMDb:

A Dubious Night’s IMDb:

A Dubious Night’s Facebook page:

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